University investigates claims tutor made vile online comments about students

A prestigious Australian university has reportedly launched an internal investigation into a tutor who has been accused of posting vile comments towards his students online.

Wu Wei, reportedly a tutor at the renowned University of Sydney Business School, has been accused of allegedly calling Chinese students "international pigs" in online posts, according to various reports.

The Chinese-Australian PhD student and finance tutor, who reportedly recently became an Australian citizen, reportedly made the alleged comments in blog posts to the China-based social media sites WeChat and Weibo.

Reports claim, in additional rants online obtained by the Sydney University Business Society, Wu Wei, allegedly claims the local PhD students are "far more interesting than the Chinese students".

According to the Daily Mail the comments were reportedly uncovered through the Facebook page for the University of Sydney Business Association.

"A Chinese international pig representative told me that I am a shame [sic] of the Australian-Chinese international community. It is such a pity because I am your tutor of you [sic] international student pigs," according to an English translation of a post written by Weibo user Pekojima.

Online reports claim Wu Wei was allegedly identified as Pekojima via the user's introduction.

It is there he reportedly describes himself as a tutor for the Sydney University Business School.

"The Usyd finance course is very difficult, not sure how many international pigs will hire essay writer [sic] because of their low IQ," another post read, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Reports claim in another post allegedly made by Wu Wei a Chinese passport is being burned. Source: Honi Soit

Online reports claim, another bizarre post shows what is believed to be a Chinese passport on fire being held with tongs over a toilet.

The publication Honi Soit claims the user wrote “….all Chinese students do is complain about their school and their courses, it’s all worthless garbage”.

A petition raising concern towards the tutor's alleged comments has reportedly been started by Sydney University Business Society.

It reportedly says: "These comments have been extremely hurtful towards the International Student community and are in direct violation of the University of Sydney’s Code of Conduct for staff members."

"As a liaison between students and the Business School, we will not tolerate this behaviour, and will seek to hold those responsible, accountable for their actions."

Reports claim an investigation in underway by the Business School.