WATCH: Leonard the dog on brink of euthanasia becomes Ohio's first pit bull police dog

Leonard the dog, who was on the brink of death, has been given a new lease on life by becoming Ohio's first pit bull police recruit.

According to ABC News 6, Leonard was brought to Union County Humane Society where staff members found his behaviour 'too aggressive' for adoption.

Leonard came very close to euthanasia. Photo: ABC News 6

The next step was euthanasia.

Fortunately for Leonard, shelter Director Jim Alloway saw potential in the pup thanks to his history in working with police dogs.

"I walked out with a squegee. He ran up and bit it and then he went running through the yard. I knew it was a special characteristic. He wasn't being aggressive. He wanted to play," Mr Alloway told ABC News 6.

Pictured: Leonard with Jim Alloway and Chief Terry Mitchell. Photo: Facebook / Union County Humane Society.

Leonard was sent to training at Storm Dog Tactical, an organisation that specialises in training dogs for K9 police units.

Leonard was partnered with Chief of Police in Clay Township, Terry Mitchell who admitted he wasn't too sure about the pit bull at first.

Leonard was provided training to become a police dog. Photo: Facebook / Maria Durant

"I scheduled a time to come down and see him, and after about 10 minutes, I knew this was the dog for us," Chief Mitchell said.

But it isn't all work and no play for Leonard.

"After home, when he's off duty, he's a big lap dog," Chief Mitchell said.

Leonard starts work this weekend.

"He's our bud," Chief Mitchell said.

"Everyone on the department loves him. It's been nothing but good."

Union County Humane Society shared Leonard's progress in a Facebook post.