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👋 Welcome to 5 Things PM! Low and middle-income Americans aren’t the only ones worried about making ends meet. About one in three people earning six-figure salaries are concerned about paying their bills, a new survey found.

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Photo Illustration CNN/Adobe Stock/Getty Images/Warner Bros
Photo Illustration CNN/Adobe Stock/Getty Images/Warner Bros

1️⃣ Undersea energy: Networks of cables to transmit green energy at high speeds are emerging as a climate solution. They’re also reshaping the world’s future energy wars.

2️⃣ AI voice: NBC will bring a version of famed sportscaster Al Michaels back to the Olympics this summer with an unlikely twist: His voice will be powered by artificial intelligence.

3️⃣ Beauty and grace: At the age of 71, Marissa Teijo became the oldest person to compete in the Miss Texas USA pageant. She said she knew she wouldn’t win — she just wanted to inspire other women to be healthy and active.

4️⃣ Precious pigment: For thousands of years, one color stood out above all others. The discovery of a Bronze Age dye workshop reveals the secrets of history’s most revered hue.

5️⃣ Game on: Following the success of Wordle and Connections, The New York Times is adding another game to its collection. Strands, a word search puzzle, will launch Friday after several months of testing.

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👀 Devastating collapse: Part of a home on the Blue Earth River in Minnesota fell into the raging water as flooding threatened the Rapidan Dam. No one was inside at the time.

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• In a stunning mistake, Supreme Court briefly posts abortion ruling on website
• Suspect in July 4th parade mass shooting in 2022 backs out of plea deal
• Kenyan president withdraws controversial finance bill following deadly protests

1 million

📱 That’s how many students would be affected if New York City — the nation’s largest school district — decides to ban cell phones as soon as January.


Changing of the guard: Morgan will not be on the US roster for the Olympic Games next month in Paris, a sign that the team is embarking on a new era.

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Kyrenia Ship Excavation
Kyrenia Ship Excavation

🚢 Which food from more than 2,000 years ago helped researchers determine the age of the iconic Kyrenia shipwreck off the coast of Cyprus?
A. Olives
B. Almonds
C. Avocados
D. Cherries
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🐻 Tonight: “The Bear,” the popular Chicago restaurant drama, returns for its third season with 10 new episodes. Here’s where things stand.

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😎 We like to wrap things up on a positive note:
Judy Garland’s “Trolley Song” has found new life online nearly 80 years later as a campy LGBTQ crowd-pleaser and unlikely Pride anthem.

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🧠 Quiz answer: B. Researchers used a stash of ancient almonds to help determine when the vessel’s last voyage took place.
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