Unbelievable twist as woman struggles to parallel park

A woman's arduous attempt to parallel park took an unexpected turn when a stranger stepped in to help.

In a video posted to Twitter, the woman is seen repeatedly trying to parallel park her car in a large, vacant space.

At one point a woman with a dog walks past and picks up her pup seemingly concerned for its safety before the driver gets out and surveys the length of the parking spot.

A woman attempting to reverse park her car (left) and measuring the parking space with her steps (right).
A woman tried repeatedly to reverse park her car before a stranger stepped in to help. Source: Twitter/ @cheembeam

She gets back in her car and continues to try and manoeuvre the vehicle before another woman rushes over to guide her into the space.

Relieved she had finally managed to park her car, the driver gets out and hugs the woman who helped her.

However, in an unbelievable twist, the stranger who helped the driver ended up getting into the car behind and driving away straight after, an act that could have prevented the driver from repeated failed parking attempts.

The tweet of the incident has gone viral, with people shocked by the kind stranger's act.

"The moment when she realises the hero is actually the villain," one tweeted.

"At least she taught her/helped her to parallel park. The experience she gained is more important," another said.

"Instead of helping her, she should have driven away so the parking spot would have been double the size," another added.

Most praised the stranger for teaching the driver to parallel park and not allowing her to take the easy way out.

The video comes just months after a photo went viral of a driver's fail in a KFC drive-thru.

The driver of a caravan had his chicken craving rudely interrupted after he became stuck.

It appears the caravan’s roof was too high to pass underneath the ceiling.

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