Unbelievable reason driver wasn't fined after crashing into pole

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A driver who crashed their car into a power pole has raised a few eyebrows after managing to avoid a ticket with an unusual excuse.

The Cincinnati Police attended a crash recently after a Chevrolet smashed into a power pole.

Police said the crash was caused by a cicada flying through a window and hitting the driver in the face.

The driver was not given a ticket.

A Chevrolet pictured crashed into a power pole.
The driver of this car crashed because a cicada flew into their face. Source: Cincinatti Police Department

On Twitter, people were perplexed by the circumstances surrounding the crash caused by a small insect.

“Will the cicada be cited?” one man tweeted.

Another man joked that the cicada can’t be sued for causing the crash.

“Poor driver and poor bug,” one woman tweeted.

Cicadas causing havoc in the US

Large amounts of cicadas have caused issues in the US recently with reporters following US President Joe Biden’s trip to the UK delayed seven hours on Tuesday after a chartered plane was overrun by them.

The Washington, DC, area is among the many parts of the country that have been swarmed by Brood X cicadas, a large emergence of the loud insects that take to dive-bombing onto moving vehicles and unsuspecting passersby.

US President Joe Biden wipes his neck after a cicada landed on him while boarding Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, before departing for the UK and Europe to attend a series of summits.
US President Joe Biden wipes his neck after a cicada landed on him. Source: Getty Images

There are trillions of them in the Washington, Maryland and Virginia region, said University of Maryland entomologist Paula Shrewsbury.

Even Biden wasn’t spared. The president brushed a cicada from the back of his neck as he chatted with his Air Force greeter after arriving at Joint Base Andrews for Wednesday’s flight.

“Watch out for the cicadas,” Biden then told reporters.

“I just got one. It just got me.”

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