WATCH: Women caught setting fire to homeless man’s bed after urinating on it

Two young women have been filmed urinating on a homeless man’s belongings before setting them on fire.

Nicola King, 23, and Jerely Evans, 25, pleaded guilty to arson after the blaze in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The court heard the women approached the man outside a row of shops and initially handed him money to buy a drink before they quickly turned on him.

King and Evans are accused of hurling abuse at the victim before stealing his mobile phone, prompting him to walk away from the confrontation, according to Metro.

King was then filmed and later admitted to urinating on his bedding before helping to set fire to it.

The pair were filmed hurling abuse at the homeless man. Source: Solent
The few possessions the homeless man had were destroyed. Source: Solent

“CCTV recorded Nicola King urinating on the victim’s bedding, she then provided a lighter to Jerely Evans so that she could set fire to the bedding, destroying the few possessions that he had,” Crown Prosecution Service Richard Withey told the court.

“The defendants soiled and destroyed the only possessions that the homeless man had, leaving him without any bedding or a blanket.”

The court heard the man was “gutted” after returning to find “all his possessions had gone”.

King will be sentenced on October 27.