Cafe owner ordered 'not to stare into' rival shop amid bitter feud

A coffee shop owner was forced to shut up shop after being slapped with a council order that prevented her laying eyes on a rival's cafe - despite being located just metres away.

Kerry Radley, who ran Radley's cafe in Norfolk, southeast England, still runs the risk of a $35,000 fine if she merely looks at Prima Rosa three units down on the same country lane.

The mother-of-three, who opened her store in 2014, was handed the ban after clashing with Prima Rosa's owners - a coffee shop that happens to be run by a councillor.

Radley's coffee shop is just metres away from her rivals'. Source: Facebook

The parish council was notified that Radley, a yoga teacher, had been intimidating customers of her competitors.

But Radley claims she is the victim after allegedly receiving a string of unfavourable TripAdvisor reviews online, as well as her shop sign smeared with faeces.

Prima Rosa's owners, Martin and Judith Nudd, have accused her of stripping down flyers and taking photos of their customers.

Kerry Radley believes she is the victim. Source: Twitter

She was eventually issued with a Community Protection Notice which stated she must not stare directly into the cafe from any vehicle, moving or stationary, The Telegraph reported.

Radley was also banned from entering the cafe for any purpose or using a camera in close proximity.

"I burst into tears when they served the order - it was really embarrassing and I had to shut the shop," she said.

Customers of Prima Rosa, run by a councillor, made complaints over Radley's behaviour. Source: Instagram/ kavewoodcraft_kavelasercraft

"The conditions of the CPN are just ridiculous - the ban means I cannot drive down the road in case I look at Prima Rosa.

"It's crazy because I need to look left, which is where Prima Rosa is, to pull up safely outside my property."

Despite closing her store in September, she has now moved to appeal the decision and awaits the result due in February next year.

Prima Rosa's owners refrained from commenting to avoid escalating the situation.