'I don't feel well mum': Backpacker's text before she was found dead in hostel bunk

A British mum has revealed the heartbreaking text messages she received from her daughter moments before she and her friend both died in a Cambodian hostel.

Natalie Jade Seymour, 22, had booked a one-way ticket from her hometown of Shefford in England to go and meet her 27-year-old Canadian friend Abbey Gail Amisola.

The young backpackers were making their way through Kampot in Cambodia when they were struck down by suspected food poisoning.

After picking up some tablets at a local chemist the pair returned to the Monkey Republic Guest House.

Brit Natalie Seymour, left, and her Canadian friend Abbey Amisola, right, were found dead in a Cambodian hostel. Source: Facebook
The bunk beds where the backpackers were found dead, with pills scattered on the ground. Source: Department of Immigration

It was there they decided to get some sleep but according to Natalie’s mother, Wendy Bowler, “they never woke up”.

Ms Bowler said she received a message from he daughter saying that she “wasn’t well”.

“My daughter had already told me she wasn't well and said she might go and get something to make her feel better,” Ms Bowler told the Daily Mail.

“The hotel manager was going up and down with drinks and told them they should go to a medical centre.

“They decided to sleep it off but never woke up again, or that's what I hoped.”

Photos from Cambodian authorities show white pills spilt out on the floor next to their bunkbeds.

Ms Bowler said UK police came to her door at 5am to break the news, but she has no idea how Cambodian authorities are handling the deaths.

“At the minute, bodies are in the morgue, and they'll be sent over, she'll be over but it could take up to three days,” she said.

Ms Seymour had purchased a one-way ticket from her UK home and had been checking in constantly with her mum about her plans. Source: Instagram

“I don't know if they'll want an autopsy to determine cause of death, because nobody knows.”

The hostel’s manager said they are “all deeply shocked and very sad for the families and friends of these two very nice women. This is now in the hands of the police.”

A spokesperson for the UK’s Foreign Office said: "We are supporting the family of a British woman who has died in Cambodia, and are in contact with the local authorities investigating her death."