UFO sites claim ‘alien egg' found, but scientists disagree

NASA’s Curiosity rover has located a meteorite rock that UFO experts are claiming to be an “alien egg”.

The metallic meteorite, dubbed the ‘Egg Rock’ by scientists, was found on Mars during a drive last week.

“The dark, smooth and lustrous aspect of this target, and its sort of spherical shape attracted the attention of some MSL scientists when we received the Mastcam images at the new location,” ChemCam team member Pierre-Yves Meslin said.

The egg-shaped rock found on Mars. Source: NASA
The egg-shaped rock found on Mars. Source: NASA

But the discovery has sent UFO sites into a spin, with claims the egg-like shape proves there is life on Mars.

Some UFO sites have even claimed they are waiting for it to hatch.

According to Chem Centre investigations, the egg is a creation of iron, nickel and phosphorus, plus lesser ingredients.

"Iron meteorites provide records of many different asteroids that broke up, with fragments of their cores ending up on Earth and on Mars," ChemCam team member Horton Newsom said.

"Mars may have sampled a different population of asteroids than Earth has."