UFO hunter films 'alien megastructure' over Melbourne

Could this be an 'alien megastructure' hovering over the skies of Melbourne?

A prolific Australian UFO hunter seems to be believe it to be so after this video was posted on YouTube.

Inquisitr reports that UFO Lou spotted the mysterious presence in the skies of Victoria on November 13 and the appearance lasted for about two minutes.

What is the strange green triangle? Photo: YouTube/ UFO Lou
What is the strange green triangle? Photo: YouTube/ UFO Lou

UFO Lou said online: "Never seen anything like this before.

"Object seems static. Simply appears, lasts a few minutes, and then vanishes. Massive in size. Using a 50mm lens."

The footage appears to show the object coming into view beginning as a faint shadow and then becoming solid over 15 seconds.

As the object becomes clear it then disappears.

What do you think?


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