'Sickening': Uber slammed for price surge during London terror attacks

Ride-sharing app Uber has been slammed on social media by furious users for allegedly attempting to profit from the London terror attack with price surges around specific areas.

Disgruntled users took to social media to share screenshots of "price surges" around central London, particularly in Borough Market near where Saturday night's attacks occurred.

Some users have claimed the app ramped prices up in hit areas knowing people need to get home.

One customer took to social media to express her disgust. Source: Twitter

One image posted shows a Au $66 fare for southwest London where the app noting "fares are higher due to increased demand".

“Big fan of Uber but bitterly disappointed in profiting from a terrorist attack. £7 (Au $12) Knightsbridge to Victoria. Charging £40 (Au $69),” one Twitter user said.

“Absolutely disgusting that Uber prices surge in London tonight? How disrespectful to the situation can you be?” one furious Twitter user stated.

The Daily Mail reports several enraged uses have pointed out that previous terror attacks in London saw taxi services rally together and provide free trips to bring victims to safety.

Chaos on the streets as people try to flee the area. Source: AP Images
Another user expressing his disgust. Source: Twitter

“Lonodn (sic) black cabs getting people home safe tonight often not charging. Whereas UBER have triggered a surge,” one person tweeted.

Uber responded to angry Twitter using reportedly stating it stopped the price surges as soon as the company was made aware of the attacks.

"We suspended dynamic pricing as soon as we heard about the incident, as we did previously with Westminster and Manchester," Uber wrote.

People running from the area. Source: AP Images

Seven people are reported dead after a terror attack in London, including three alleged attackers.

A van ploughed through pedestrians on London Bridge around 10pm local time on Saturday, before men armed with knives emerged and stabbed terrified civilians.

The armed men then stormed pubs at nearby Borough Markets and started attacking patrons, with reports suggesting some had their throats cut.

During the Lindt siege in Sydney similar price hikes occurred sparking outcry at the time from disgusted app users.

7 News Online has contact Uber for comment.