Uber driver banned for defecating near Perth Airport

An Uber driver has been banned from operating at Perth Airport after he was reportedly seen defecating in one of the rideshare holding bays.

A local Perth radio station, 6PR, posted communication from the ridesharing company to the accused driver online.

In the email from Uber the driver is informed their access to the airport would be “revoked immediately”.

A local radio station posted to Twitter to report communication between the ridesharing app and the driver. Source: AAP

The email said the driver was seen by an airport staffer “defecating” near Horrie Miller Drive early on Tuesday morning.

The email said the incident occurred between Terminal One and Two.

According to the West Australian newspaper an Uber spokesperson said the behavior was at odds with their guidelines.

The paper also reported that the driver’s access to the ride sharing app has also been blocked while the alleged incident was being investigated.

In a statement to 7 News Online Perth Airport confirmed that “the areas are monitored by CCTV”.

The spokesperson however refused to confirm if the specific incident occurred.

“To operate at [the] airport, rideshare drivers are required to agree to Perth Airport’s Terms and Conditions for Rideshare Driver Access,” the spokerson said in a statement to 7 News Online.

“When a driver is observed to contravene these conditions, Perth Airport revokes their airport access rights for pick up activity.”

The popular ridesharing app has been available since 2016 at the airport.

7 News Online has also contacted Uber for a comment.