Two NSW prison inmates busted using bedsheets for rope in escape plot

Staff at a NSW prison have stopped an escape plot, after they noticed a would-be getaway car nearby.

CCTV captured the car flashing its headlights from Nowra’s South Coast Correctional Centre car park, about 4.10am on Monday.

Two women in the car were detained and questioned by police.

A spokesman for Corrective Services NSW said the pair had admitted they were outside the prison waiting for two inmates, who had plotted to escape.

Police searched the minimum-security section of the jail near the carpark and found a 20m rope made from bed sheets and a 10m electrical cord hidden in a garbage bag in a common area.

The inmates have since been moved to maximum security and an investigation has been launched into their plan.

The officers who stopped the escape have since been praised for their efforts.

"I commend staff for their vigilance and quick action, at a time of the night when most of us are sound asleep in our beds," Corrections Minister David Elliott said.

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