Two injured after six-year-old turns on helicopter

Helicopter parenting comes in for a lot of criticism, but in this case it may have proved helpful.

Air show spectators in Mankato in the US got an unexpected fright when a helicopter suddenly whirred to life with a six-year-old boy sitting in the pilot’s seat.

According to witness the boy climbed into the chopper’s open door yesterday and soon had its large rotors spinning, knocking over a sunshade an injuring two bystanders.

The helicopter, owned by the famed Mayo Clinic, was shutdown by a member of the clinic’s aviation team.

The machine never left the ground but that didn’t stop the experience terrifying the youngster, who reportedly ran crying from cockpit into the arms of his father.

The incident has now sparked speculation about how a child could so easily start such a powerful machine.

The famed Mayo Clinic is now investigating how the incident was able to occur.

Morning news break – July 1