Truckie abandons vehicle in middle of freeway after finding surprise hitchhiker

Mel Buttigieg

An unexpected hitchhiker gave a truckie the fright of his life, forcing him to abandon his vehicle in the middle of the freeway.

The driver spotted a snake slithering inside the cab on Sunday night as he drove along the freeway at Robina, on the Gold Coast.

The snake is spotted curled up in the truck's door hinge. Picture: YouTube/Tony Harrison

He said the snake crawled over his head from the above compartment, so he jumped out of the truck, spooked.

The startled driver called roadside assistance and the police for help, who then contacted Gold Coast snake catcher Tony Harrison to help locate the reptile.

But when he arrived he had no idea if the snake was venomous, or where it was hiding.

The truck was dangerously abandoned off the motorway, so the snake catcher had to climb in the cabin and move it to a safer location.

“I got a call from RACQ about a truck driver who was traveling down the freeway, a snake crawled over his head from the above compartment suffice to say he s*** himself and stopped the truck,” Mr Harrison posted with the footage of the ordeal shared to YouTube.

“Firstly I had to drive the truck off the centre of the freeway as it was left in the middle of the road and was causing dramas,” he wrote.

The snake catcher pulls the snake from hiding. Picture: YouTube/Tony Harrison

The video, recorded with a Go Pro strapped to the catcher’s head, shows the catcher cautiously moving the vehicle while knowing the snake was hiding somewhere around him in the dark of night.

“A snake catcher has to be a jack of all friggen trades,” he complains, while sitting anxiously behind the wheel.

“The window has been left open.

“I’m not even if the snake will still be there.”

The non-venomous reptile is rescued from the vehicle. Picture: YouTube/Tony Harrison

The catcher pulls over and begins searching high and low for the snake, with a torch until he spots a bright green python curled up inside the door’s hinge.

“Come here, fatty,” Mr Harrison calls to the reptile as he gently pulls it to freedom while police officers watch on cautiously.

The docile snake ended up being a non-venomous stimpsons python, likely to be a an escaped pet.