Triple murderer Ian Jamieson sentenced to life in prison

A man who killed his neighbours after a row over a dirt road has been sentenced to life in prison.

Ian Jamieson, 65, has been given a 30 year minimum sentence for murdering Greg Holmes and Mr Holmes' parents, Nine News has reported.

Mr Jamieson stabbed Greg Holmes with a hunting knife on October 22, 2014, after the dispute ignited.

Ian Jamieson is lead into the Supreme Court of Victoria. Source: AAP Image/Julian Smith

Jamieson then shot Mr Holmes' father Peter Lockhart, 78, and mother Mary, 75, on the same day.

The court heard that Jamieson armed himself with shotguns and drove to the Holmes' property in Wedderburn, north of Melbourne, before carrying out the triple murder.

According to the ABC, Jamieson had reportedly told a friend after the murders that he had "snapped" after years of "putting up with" Holmes and his parents.

Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth told the court today that Jamieson "consistently blamed" his victims, ABC reported.

"You intentionally took the lives of three other human beings fuelled by your anger," she said.

"You've not shown the slightest remorse for your appalling conduct."

Mr Jamieson will be eligible for parole after 30 years.

News break – July 22