Rowdy student protest after college deputy head sacked for 'trimming student's hair'

Mel Buttigieg

Footage has surfaced of students at a private Melbourne boys' school protesting after their deputy principal was stood down because he reportedly trimmed a student's hair on school photo day.

After almost 30 years with the prestigious Trinity Grammar School in Kew, Rohan Brown was sacked on Thursday.

In a letter to parents and former students today, school council chairman Roderick Lyle advised the college leader left the school as a result of his "handling of a disciplinary issue" earlier in the term.

Rohan Brown, deputy principal of Kew's Trinity College, was stood down because he reportedly trimmed a student's hair on school photo day. Source: Trinity College

The former deputy principal, who was in charge of discipline, was believed to have cut a student's messy hair on school photo day, The Age reported.

The chairman said Mr Brown's handling of the matter “was in contravention of school policy and was also inconsistent with community expectations in this day and age.

“As a result, the School Council was of the view that Mr Brown’s leadership position at the school was no longer tenable.

"We are all disappointed and deeply saddened by the situation," Mr Lyle wrote.

Snapchat footage has surfaced of students protesting on school grounds, chanting

Mr Brown's departure has angered students past and present, who have called the much loved educator's departure "heavy handed".

Snapchat footage has surfaced of students protesting on school grounds, chanting "Brownie! Brownie! Brownie!" following the leader's departure.

The video of angered students is also accompanied by captions: "RIP Brownie" and "#prayforbrownie".

One student has told 7 News the pupil whose hair Mr Brown trimmed gave permission for him to do so, when the deputy principal gave him a choice.

"When students return to school on day 1 for photos, Mr Rohan Brown assessed the hair. If it is to long, he gives you the choice of going to get a haircut, going home or getting a haircut from him," the student said.

"The student chose to get a haircut from Mr Brown by choice. I have heard people saying it was a compulsory haircut when in fact the student had the choice how he wanted to proceed."

Mr Brown had taught at the private boys' college for almost 30 years. Source: Google Street View

Others saddened by Mr Brown's departure took to The Culturally Concerned TGS community Facebook page to condemn the school's handling of the deputy principal's removal. The group has also put pressure on the college to reinstate him.

"Rohan Brown, beloved Deputy Head Master and loyal servant to our school for more than 30 years, was routinely removed from the school last night by Head Master, Dr Michael Davies and Chair of the School Council, Roderick Lyle," the page stated.

Students have called for the college to reinstate the deputy principal. Source: Herald Sun

"As a school community - it is time we take a firm stand to protect the legacy of our school and its proud 114 years of history before Dr Davies succeeds in destroying all that is right and good with our culture.

"Rohan Brown MUST be returned to his position and we call on the School Council Chairman to do the noble thing and resign."

Mr Brown was saddened by his removal from the school, telling the Herald Sun he hoped he might be allowed to return.

“For almost 30 years I’ve tried to give as much as I can to the school and I’d like to keep going,” he said.

An emotional Mr Brown said he wished to return to the school. Source: Google Street View

“I do very much love the school and I bleed green and gold.

“I sincerely hope the boys are not affected by it and I’m hoping to see them and the staff soon — I’d like to still support them.

“The boys are more important than this,” he told the Herald Sun.

The school council has agreed to two community meetings for parents interested in discussing Mr Brown's departure on Friday and Monday evening, with a town hall meeting on Tuesday.

Trinity Grammar has been contacted for comment.