Travellers warned as Jetstar announces key changes

Jetstar passengers will need to get to the airport even earlier going forward.

The airport rush for Jetstar passengers will need to be even better planned now the airline has announced stricter check-in and boarding time cutoffs.

In a change that hopes to boost "punctuality and reliability" throughout the airline, passengers will have less allocated time throughout the various stages leading up to their flights from Tuesday.

Check-in and bag drops will now close 40 minutes before domestic and New Zealand flights depart, 10 minutes earlier than the current cutoff. International travellers with have check-in and bag drop close 60 minutes before departure, shaving 15 minutes from what they had before.

Boarding gates for both domestic and international flights will now close 20 minutes before departure.

Jetstar passengers pictured checking in.
Jetstar passengers will now be subjected to stricter flight check-in and boarding cutoffs. Source: AAP

Changes made to reduce flight delays

Jetstar has received a barrage of criticism over the last year, with only 57.5 per cent of their flights departing on time according to data released by the Department of Transport.

With the airline notorious for delays and their cancellation rate almost five times greater than the long-term industry average, these changes hope to be a first step towards rectifying these issues.

“We know our performance hasn’t been up to scratch and we are working hard to boost punctuality and reliability,” Jetstar's CEO Matt Franzi admitted.

Jetstar to recruit more staff

Alongside the check-in and boarding time changes, the airline will also be increasing their workforce to meet demands.

“To improve our performance, we’re also recruiting more airport staff, cabin crew and engineering team members and making changes to our check-in, bag drop and boarding times, to bring them in line with other low-cost carriers around the world.

“Everyone across the airline is committed to getting Jetstar to its best while delivering the lowest possible fares so our customers can fly to more places, more often.”

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