'So much wrong': Travellers furious at 'selfish' airport act

A young woman has been roasted for a ‘selfish’ act in an airport that blocked other passengers waiting for their flight from sitting down.

In a photo posted to the travel creeps Instagram page, the woman, known as Becky, can be seen stretched out on the ground in front of two empty chairs in an airport terminal.

“Becky, 24 yr old ‘influencer’ takes a moment to reflect and enjoy the stares she's getting from her followers by selfishly taking up two seats,” the caption on the photo says.

The act enraged people, with one saying: “There’s so much wrong with this picture”.

The woman, known as Becky, was slammed for blocking the two chairs. Source: Instagram/@travelcreeps

“That’s when I use Becky as a foot rest,” one said.

“Takes up two seats without actually using either,” another claimed.

She’s not the only one who has cause furore among travellers.

It comes a week after a train passenger was blasted for her ‘selfish’ act on a ‘packed’ Sydney train.

A photo shows the young woman sitting on a two-seater, engrossed by her phone with her backpack occupying the seat next to her, preventing another passenger from sitting there.

A man also shared a video of “the most disgusting thing” he had seen happen on a plane last month.

Erik Olvera uploaded the footage of what appears to be a woman sitting on a plane using her feet to flick through the in-flight entertainment to Twitter.

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