Transgender woman calls for Domino's boycott after driver calls her 'sir'

Nicholas McCallum

A transgender Victorian woman who was called "sir" by a Domino's deliver driver, has used the power of social media to call for a boycott.

Tina Healy's calls have led to the pizza company committing to gender sensitivity training.

Ms Healy took to Twitter and Facebook to voice her disgust and disappointment with Domino's after she claimed a delivery driver intentionally and disparagingly referred to her by the male title despite all indications she was a woman.

"I'm standing outside my door, and there's a light on. My name 'Tina' is on the docket," Ms Healy wrote on Facebook on Monday.

Tina Healy said she normally brushes off disrespect, but decided not to this time. Source: Twitter

"The guy stops. Looks me up and down a couple of times. Stares for a moment.

"And then makes a decision to cal [sic] me 'sir' a couple if times, even after I clarified my name was Tina."

Ms Healy said she normally "shrugs off" these matters but the encounter, which happened on Transgender Remembrance Day, "hurt and made me feel ugly".

The coordinator for Gender Diversity Australia said she contacted Domino's and got no response while her post on the company's Facebook page appeared to be "wiped".

The Melbourne woman said she emailed Domino's following the incident but the silence led her to call for a boycott of the company, posting her story on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #boycottdominos.

The post has since been removed from Facebook and Yahoo7 has contacted Ms Healy for comment.

Ms Healy's actions prompted Domino's to respond on Twitter. Source: Supplied

"I am waiting to hear from their senior management regarding training for their staff so that this doesn't happen to someone else," Ms Healy wrote.

Domino's Twitter account made contact with Ms Healy on Monday and an apology was offered but it was not enough to quell the ire of the some.

By Tuesday Ms Healy said she was contacted by the offending store, which apologised and made a commitment to train its drivers in gender matters.

Corporate management also rang Tuesday, Ms Healy wrote on Twitter, offering a full apology and a pledge to "address the issue".

"Are open to the possibility of Genda contributing to that training process [sic]."