Train station slips and trips injuring commuters, hitting taxpayers

Mylee Hogan

Slipping and falling over is the biggest cause of injury on the Queensland Rail network.

It has also been costly to tax payers, with thousands of dollars paid out to commuters.

Rushing commuters: This one is a split second from stepping in the gap and falling into the train. Photo: 7 News

After a long day at work, many people are in a hurry to get home but as footage of one woman shows, running to make the train is dangerous.

“We tell them not to run but they don't listen sometimes,” Assistant Station Master Susan Palitoc said.

At Roma Street, another woman can be seen stepping in slowly, but even still she takes a nasty fall.

Greg Fill says customers can be seriously injured in train station falls. Photo: 7 News

Station staff rush to help and she is given first aid.

“Many times it can result in very serious injuries to the customer which is both traumatic for them and their family and friends and our staff," Safety Manager Greg Fill said.

In the past two years, more than 1,200 people have slipped, tripped or been caught in a door.

It is the unavoidable accidents that have staff frustrated.

Sliding down a handrail, there is a good chance of this happening. Photo: 7 News

“They could have been taking some more care, not skylarking, holding the hand rail [and] doing those other safety things that we promote all the time," Mr Fill said.

At Central Station, an intoxicated man ignored the station staff’s advice to take the elevator and can be seen on camera then losing his footing and falling under the weight of his luggage.

But not all accidents are the fault of the customer.

This guy with with bags is moments from toppling over on the escalator. Photo: 7 News

Over the past two years, Queensland Rail has paid $130,000 in compensation claims.

“The injured person would need to show that Queensland Rail was at fault so that there was negligence,” Alison Barrett from Maurice & Blackburn said.

But as for the drunk, the daring and the foolish, they will have to foot their own bill.

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