'Horrific mass grave' of horses stretching for 100m found in dried-up waterhole

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: As extreme heat sweeps over the Northern Territory, one community was horrified to discover a mass grave of feral horses.

Heartbreaking photos posted online show horse carcasses strewn across a dried-up waterhole.

Residents of the Ltyentye Apurte or Santa Teresa community, about 80 kilometres southeast of Alice Springs, went to check water levels in a reservoir on Sunday and discovered a grisly sight.

The community members found multiple feral horse carcasses in the Deep Hole reservoir, which is about 20 kilometres northeast of Santa Teresa.

Rohan Smyth believes the wild horses died from dehydration. Source: Facebook/Ralph Turner

“Not only was Deep Hole completely dry with barely any signs of recent mud but revealed a horrific mass grave of wild horses stretching for around 100 metres,” Santa Teresa media mentor Rohan Smyth wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

“The horses are believed to have entered Deep Hole to drink from the reservoir which has not been known to completely dry up.”

Mr Smyth believes the wild horses died due to dehydration and holds concerns for the remaining brumby population.

“Many community members are now deeply concerned about the welfare of the local wild horse population,” he wrote.

Mr Smyth said there were also concerns from locals about the horse carcasses contaminating the waterways.

The horse carcasses were found near Santa Teresa, about 80 kilometres southeast of Alice Springs. Source: Facebook/Ralph Turner