Tradie's very Aussie act after fire ignites on busy road

A Brisbane tradie has put out a roadside fire with the only thing appropriate he could find in his car.

What do you get when you have a roadside fire, two tradies, and one can of beer rolling around? The answer might surprise you.

A Queensland tradie has been hailed a hero after putting out a fire on the side of a busy road using a can of XXXX beer.

The fire, on a median strip near Brisbane airport, was reported to have been started by a cigarette butt.

Image of local tradie using XXXX Beer can to put out fire.
Brisbane tradie Calvin Baker uses a XXXX Beer can to put out a roadside fire. Source: 7NewsQ/ TikTok

On seeing the smoke, tradies Calvin Baker and Eddy Kumar stopped to put out the blaze, but said the only thing they had on hand to put it out was, “a XXXX can rolling around under the car seat".

After finding the can, Calvin poured it over the fire while Eddy filmed.

Not the first time a fire as been extinguished using beer

Chad Little, a man in California, saved his home from wildfires using a case of Bud Light beer cans after his water supply was shut of.

After discovering he had no water to use to save his home and garage, Chad told NBC12 that he found the low alcohol beer cans, shook them, and sprayed the fire with the beer to put it out.

Praise mixed with disappointment from beer lovers

After the video of the Aussie heroes was posted on social media, one user commented, "pour one out to save the environment". But another felt the heartbreak of using the only beer in the car, "Oh, the sacrilege".

As the fire season approaches, fire and rescue services urge the community to be aware of the damage a discarded cigarette butt can cause. Fire and Rescue NSW says it is called to hundreds of roadside fires each year believed to be caused by discarded butts. A university study found a cigarette but thrown onto grassy fuel ignited 33 per cent of the time.

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