McDonald's worker reveals the drive-thru act that gets you ignored

The fast-food employee has released a video revealing the pet peeve of drive-thru workers.

A young McDonald's worker has copped backlash after revealing a common behaviour that tends to get customers ignored at the drive-thru.

In a video which has so far reached more than 50,000 people, the Perth local said she ignores customers who scream 'hello' immediately after stopping at the speakers of the drive-thru.

The young woman who goes by maccasworkaddict on TikTok and mentions in her bio all her videos "are a joke" and should not be taken "seriously". However she is not the only drive-thru worker to find this customer behaviour annoying.

Two photos of a young McDonals’s worker from Perth who has shared a customer habit in the drive-thru that will supposedly make her ignore them.
A young McDonald’s worker has shared a customer habit in the drive-thru that will supposedly make her ignore them. Source: TikTok

Mixed reaction from social media users

Several admitted it's a pet peeve for them and have gone on to explain why when responding in the comments. "Omg they scream hello [and then] be like 'hold on I'm looking'," one person said.

"Driver gets to the speaker box and not even two seconds later when I’m about to greet them they drive to the window and go 'the speaker wasn’t working'," another said.

"Each time they say hello I make them wait another 10 seconds," a third person said.

Surprised customers respond: 'Big deal'

As for the customers who saw the video — they weren't exactly impressed with the McDonald's worker, saying they simply say 'hello' because they don't know if someone can hear them at the other end of the speaker.

"Big deal. Someone says 'hello' as soon as they pull up... you need to grow up if that’s what annoys you," one person said.

"OK and this is why this generation 'feels entitled'," another said.

"How about just saying, "One second, I'll be right with you," a third person suggested to the worker.

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