Tradie's important message after video of his McDonald's good deed goes viral

A kind-hearted tradie, who became an online star when he was recorded paying for an elderly stranger’s McDonald’s breakfast, has called on other Aussies to follow his lead and look after our seniors.

When Bendigo dad David Love was paying for his morning coffee on Tuesday and noticed the 88-year-old customer next to him fumbling with change, he shouted the man’s meal and gave him a $20 note.

Kind-hearted Bendigo tradie David Love, who went viral when he was recorded paying for an elderly stranger’s Macca’s breakfast, has called for other Aussies to follow his lead. Source: Melanie Langley / Facebook

His fiancée Melanie Langley sneakily recorded the interaction and shared it to Facebook, where it quickly went viral, warming the hearts of almost three million people who watched his good deed.

In a Facebook Live video on Wednesday night, the 42-year-old played down the gesture as a “spur-of-the-moment” act admitting his heart broke watching the man, later identified as Bert, scraping his pockets for change.

The humble tiler and panel beater insisted “I don’t want to be a hero”, but hoped his good deed might inspire others to follow suit and help out another vulnerable senior citizen.

“I’d love to see a change out of all of this,” he told his audience.

David Love paid for the elderly man’s breakfast and gave him $20 for his next coffee. Source: Melanie Langley / Facebook

“It doesn’t take much to chuck a pensioner 20 or 30 bucks and every now and then give them a hand.

“It doesn’t hurt to be kind to people and show a bit of generosity.”

His partner added that it was sad living in a world where random acts of kindness were hard to come by, but said of her sweetheart, helping people was just in his nature.

Mr Love also thanked the thousands who sent messages of praise and offers to shout him a beer, joking that he’ll have to drink his way around the country.