Tradie's hilarious act in barber shop after a day of 'hard yakka'

There were concerns Billy's partner would worry where he was, but ultimately staff decided to leave him be.

After a full day of "hard yakka" one tradie just couldn't stop himself from falling asleep in the barber's chair during his haircut on Wednesday, so staff left him in the middle of the busy shop to snore away for three hours.

Billy is a "regular customer" of Barber Industries — situated in the Kotara Westfield, in Newcastle, NSW — and initially walked in "as his usual happy self" before he started to nod off during the haircut.

"He sat down then mid-conversation he just started to fall asleep," barber Jordan Magasiva told Yahoo News. "We all noticed but his barber Jess, she sort of encouraged it. She put the chair's headrest behind his head and after the haircut reclined his seat."

The tradie was asleep in the barber chair for three hours with his mouth wide open (left) as other customers sat in the shop getting their hair cut (right).
The tradie Billy was asleep in the barber's chair for three hours in Westfield Kotara while staff cut other customer's hair around him. Source: TikTok

Staff let tradie enjoy 'deep sleep' for hours

After Billy showed no signs of waking up staff decided to simply carry on working while the customer was in a "deep sleep", snoring with his mouth wide open. The barbers created a makeshift eye cover and performed several "breathing checks" to ensure he was fine while they cut other customers' hair throughout the afternoon.

"Why not put a cover over his eyes and let him get a little comfortable and enjoy his nap?" Magasiva said. "He's a blue-collar worker so you know, obviously they do a lot of hard work, he was tired."

Staff laugh while the tradie sleeps with his mouth wide open as other customers get their hair cute (left). The tradie, called Billy, is all smiles when he wakes up (right).
Staff did 'breathing checks' to ensure the tradie was fine before he woke up with a smile on his face hours later. Source: TikTok

There were concerns his partner would worry where he was, but ultimately staff decided he shouldn't "drive like that" so decided the best call was to leave him be.

Tradie full of 'smiles' after afternoon nap

Billy finally woke from his slumber in the evening just before 6pm, and was shocked but chuffed he snuck in a midday nap.

"He was passed out the majority of the time but when he finally woke up he was all smiles. He was so happy and just couldn't believe what time it was!"

Though his delight was likely short-lived, with Magasiva revealing the tradie copped 38 missed calls and a parking ticket while he was napping.

After sharing the sweet moment on social media, the barber shop was hailed for their kind act.

"You probably just saved his life and didn’t even notice," pointed out one commenter.

"Now that’s customer service," said another.

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