Tradie blasts questionable detail in new build Aussie home: 'Poor excuse'

A confused homeowner questioned the new power point in her home after asking for it to be recessed.

A frustrated tradie has called out the dubious workmanship often seen in newly built homes after catching a glimpse of a job shared by an exasperated homeowner who questioned the work of an electrician in her new home.

The Brisbane woman claims she requested a "recessed power point for an electric lounge" in the centre of her living room, which would be hidden under a flush panel. But what she ended up with is "surely a hazard and an eyesore" many claim.

In photos shared on Facebook this week, the homeowner questioned if the work of her electrician was good enough. "I see recessed points can be pricey. Anyone have one installed and what type of power point is it?" she asked.

What she should have got was a concealed power point that sits flush with the floor inside her property. Instead, she ended up with a protruding white box in the centre of the room.

Power point in centre of living room floor in a Queensland new build home.
A homeowner was shocked after noticing the power point in the middle of her floor having requested a recessed outlet. Source: Facebook

Tradie slams 'poor quality work' in new builds

Elliot Hawkins, an electrician from NSW called it a "joke" after seeing the social media post. He told Yahoo News Australia it's just another example of "poor quality work" in Aussie homes.

"That's a poor excuse for a recessed power point and if that was done at my company — firstly wouldn't happen, but if somehow it did — the worker would be back there fixing it straight away," he said. "That is not a recessed power point that's a power point mounted to the floor, and even that has been done poorly."

A recessed power point is supposed to be flush with the floorboards and concealed by a flap. Source: Supplied.
A recessed power point is supposed to be flush with the floorboards and concealed by a flap. Source: Supplied.

Frustrating problem across building industry

Speaking of the growing problem in the industry today, Hawkins said a lot of the time it does come down to cost, which is often the deciding factor for most Aussies. But in this instance, the woman likely had no say in the contractor used to fit the power point, which is often the case in new-build homes being built by "cheap project home builders" — rather than "small, custom builders".

"They're horrible and there is zero care factor," he said. "It's frustrating to us. These days customers will always pick the cheapest quote and then get poor-quality work such as in that post. I'm definitely not implying this is her fault, but this just really reiterates my point on the broad range in quality of electricians getting around these days."

Street with new homes in Bella Vista, Sydney, Australia.
Poor workmanship is a growing problem in the building industry, many tradies claim. Source: Getty

Aussies slam 'rubbish' job

Hawkins wasn't alone in his thoughts with scores of others agreeing it was a "rubbish" job.

"Ummm, it’s definitely not good enough. Still can’t believe it’s what they actually gave you," one said. "I’m no expert but that looks the opposite to recessed," said another. A few claimed it "is not acceptable" and suggested the homeowner request for them to do it again. One joked "the floor is recessed" rather than the power point.

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