New-build 'nightmare' as $400k home found riddled with errors and beer bottles

The video of the 'non compliant' new home reduced some people to tears.

A well-known building inspector has delivered a savage assessment on a "nightmare" new-build home that was meant to be handed over to the owners.

Costing the owners over $400,000, Zeher Khalil, also known as The TikTok Inspector, was shocked to be greeted with alcohol bottles outside as well as a number of building errors at a Melbourne property where he was undertaking a handover inspection.

Slamming the "poor workmanship" of the house in the suburb of Truganina, he went through some of the reasons the home is considered "non compliant", also advising not to "drink onsite or you'll end up with a defective home". It's unclear whether workers were drinking on the job.

A photo of Zeher Khalil being able to fit his hand in a gap of one of the outside panels of the Melbourne home. A photo of empty alcohol bottles outside the house.
Zeher Khalil went to inspect a home in Melbourne before it was handed over to the owners, and found a multitude of errors as well as empty bottles of alcohol outside the house. Source: TikTok

"I'm at a brand new home and the work is just horrible here," he said in the TikTok on Thursday, which currently has had over 338,000 views.

Zeher showed how he could fit his hand in one of of the gaps in a panel, the window architraves were "already opening up", the ceilings in some rooms were uneven, there were problems with insulation and the storm water and termite barriers weren't up to scratch.

More workers 'cutting corners' after the pandemic

With an increase of "unethical" practices following the pandemic, the Associate Director at the Construction Project Management program in UTS, Alireza Fin, said more issues in the industry are becoming "more obvious".

"People are under pressure to finish the project faster and so it would potentially put extra pressure on workers to cut corners and sacrifice quality," he recently told Yahoo News Australia.

"I have heard from senior people in the industry, that people who have never been able to find a job in the construction industry before the pandemic are now easily employed in the industry, with good wages," he said.

"And good workers have left their jobs for better wages at other companies... that shows how serious the problem is."

Social media users 'in tears' after seeing home

The "unbelievable" video garnered hundreds of comments, with many shocked that this was the state of the home right before being handed over to the owners.

"Why am I crying. It's not a happy cry either. People's hard earned cash. They just want a nice home for their family," one person commented.

"I’m so sick of supervisors getting away with allowing this poor quality of work!!" another said.

"It’s falling apart before people are even in there! That is insane!" a third person said.

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