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Town designates tricky parking spots as 'men only'

A mayor has risked accusations of sexism after the launch of a new scheme which has seen the town's toughest parking spots marked as 'for men'.

Gallus Strobel, mayor of the German town of Triberg, has had parking spaces painted with a male or female symbol depending on their level of difficulty, reports the Daily Mail.

Parking spaces which are wide, in well-lit spaces close to exits have been allocated 'female symbols'; parking spaces which are narrower, closer to pillars and at a more awkward angle have been allocated 'male' symbols.

"Men are, as a rule, a little better at such challenges," Mayor Strobel told Süddeutsche Zeitung.

"There are also great women drivers who are, of course, most welcome!"

It is a move which has so far paid off, at least for the town's coffers which have been swelled by an influx of tourists keen to take on the parking challenge.

"I have received mostly positive feedback," said Mayor Strobel, who added he was keen to tackle 'political correctness'.

“One man sent me an email to say he would travel to the town just to test himself at parking.

“Women, of course, are most welcome to try."

However, the theory behind the scheme may be misplaced. A major study in Britain earlier this year indicated that while women might be slower at parking, they are more accurate and have better technique.

The survey also suggested men liked to 'pose park' by opting to park in a smaller spot when a larger spot is available.