Tourists stunned by couple's brazen x-rated act at popular resort beach

A pair of brazen exhibitionists have gone viral for all the wrong reasons after the couple were filmed carrying out an array of lewd sex acts while on a jet ski just metres away from other beachgoers and holiday-makers.

Members of the public were no doubt left taken aback by the very public performance at the popular tourist spot, with one person filming the couple from what looks to be an uncomfortably close vantage point.

Footage of the wet and wild moment was posted online and has since racked up more than 310,000 views. The clip was reportedly filmed in the waters off the beachside resort city of Cabo Frio, south-eastern Brazil, in late November.

The video was taken at the beachside resort city of Cabo Frio.
The video was taken at the beachside resort city of Cabo Frio. Source: Australscope

It shows a man in sunglasses grinning widely as his co-copulator, who is naked from the waist down, pleasures him. Meanwhile, other tourists can be seen riding on jet skis mere metres away from the romping couple.

Local media reported that the area of Cabo Frio where the clip was filmed is notorious for thrill-seekers engaging in public lovemaking.

The video garnered numerous comments on social media, with most people left in utter disbelief by the hedonistic display.

"Imagine being these people," one person said in apparent astonishment.

Cabo Frio (pictured) reportedly has a reputation for public lovemaking.
Cabo Frio (left) reportedly has a reputation for public lovemaking. Source: Getty/Australscope

"I could never expose myself and another person with me that way," a decidedly more modest Twitter user commented after the video was shared on the platform.

"Me neither," another responded. "There are people who criticise the woman, but the guy is also wrong for exposing himself like that."

While many people were highly critical, at least some others were in awe of the couple.

"This guy knows how to live life," one person commented.

According to Title VI Article 233 of Brazil's penal code "practicing obscenity in public place or open or exposed to the public" can carry a penalty of three months to one year detention or a fine.

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