Tourist caught by customs smuggling five litres of dog semen

'I am not carrying anything. I have nothing to declare, gentlemen,' the man told customs agents.

A man has been caught smuggling five litres of dog semen through a major seaport.

The unnamed suspect was stopped at the Port of Buenos Aires in Argentina after travelling by sea from Colonia del Sacramento in neighbouring Uruguay.

During a routine scan, customs agents detected a suspicious package in one of the two backpacks the man was carrying. When asked about the package, the Peruvian man stated: “I am not carrying anything. I have nothing to declare, gentlemen.”

The large metal container and it's lid being lifted to see the dog semen inside.
The man eventually admitted to trying to smuggle five litres of dog semen. Source: Jam Press

Traveller admits to transporting dog semen

Customs officials asked the man to open his bag and discovered a large thermal container with a white substance inside. The man then confessed that he was transporting five litres of canine semen.

The item was promptly seized by customs officials for violating article 979 of the country’s customs regulations.

The importation of animal reproductive material requires a Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection (CVI) issued by the Argentine Food Safety and Quality Service (SENASA).

Frozen canine semen is typically used to preserve a male dog’s genetics for breeding purposes. It is unclear if the Peruvian suspect faces charges for allegedly smuggling the material into the country.

In May this year, a Uruguayan traveller was found with 60 sachets of pig semen at the border between Argentina and Uruguay. The animal semen was found in the lining of a suitcase in the suspect’s Volkswagen Saveiro pickup truck.

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