Touched A Nerve? Trump Flips Out After Anthony Scaramucci Delivers Warning On Fox News

Ed Mazza
·2-min read

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who was fired by President Donald Trump after just 10 days on the job in 2017, delivered a warning to Republicans on Fox News on Sunday night. And Trump was not happy about it, kicking off a Twitter feud between the two ex-allies.

The fireworks began when Scaramucci appeared on Steve Hilton’s show “The Next Revolution” to rip into Trump’s presidency for an “upside-down” economy and politicizing the coronavirus pandemic.

Then, he warned that the Republican Party under Trump was shrinking its own base ― and that would have repercussions for years to come.

“The current demographic base of the Republican Party under President Trump’s control will become a minority party for a generation if we don’t broaden that tent and start including people that don’t look like you and me,” Scaramucci said.

See the full interview here.

Trump, who watches Hilton’s show and has been influenced by it, fired off an angry tweet:

Scaramucci, who initially remained loyal to Trump after being fired but has since turned on the president and vowed to work against his reelection, shot back:

Although Trump now calls his former communications director a “fool” and a “loser,” he once promised...

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