Toddler attacked by huge snake on grandfather's porch

A courageous grandfather has pulled his young grandson from the death grip of a large python, on the Tablelands west of Cairns.

The toddler escaped almost certain death, after the snake attacked the little boy’s mother and grandfather.

“He didn’t make a noise no screaming he was just staring,” Mother Amanda Rutland said

The scrub python bit little Naish three times.

“By this time the snake had thrown a couple of wraps around his arm,” Grandfather Ronald Rutland said.

Amanda (right) and Naish Rutland (left).
Amanda (right) and Naish Rutland (left). Source: 7News

Ms Rutland was bitten while trying to prise open the snake’s jaw.

Grandfather Ronald tried to unravel its tightly wrapped “death grip”.

“The snake wrapped around my arm three times I could hear the heart boom, boom, boom.”

While his hand was losing blood supply and he watched his grandson’s limb being squeezed in a snake vice, Mr Rutland resorted to extreme measures.

Young Naish's wounded arm (left) and the snake (right).
Young Naish’s wounded arm (left) and the snake (right). Source: 7News

“I yelled out to my wife: ‘Get me a knife’. She came out with a kitchen knife the bluntest one in the place.”

Mr Rutland used the knife to free Naish, saving him from becoming the second person to die from a python in Australia.