Tiny box dumped outside office door leads to discovery of 'illegal' act

RSPCA office workers made a discovery they believe could lead to a prosecution on animal welfare grounds.

A box with a yellow circle around it. Next to the box is a bag full of blankets, and another bag filled with donated goods. Its all been left in front of the RSPCA Western Australia office backdoor.
The discovery of a dumped animal outside an office door has led to a stern warning. Source: RSPCA WA

The first clue that something was living inside a box dumped in front of an Australian office door was the tiny air holes carved into the cardboard. Pictures show black gaffer tape around the base and the lid which ensured the trapped creature couldn’t get out.

Rescuers have warned those responsible could be charged under animal cruelty laws. They believe the frightened rabbit trapped inside the box could have languished for 12 hours in the cold before it was discovered on Thursday morning. Because the box was so small, the animal was barely able to move.

The rabbit was left outside the rarely used backdoor at the RSPCA’s office in Western Australia, next to a stack of donated old blankets and a bag of old household goods. Vets immediately saw the rabbit, which they’ve named Julian, was suffering from an eye injury which would have been causing him pain.

The discovery has led to a warning from the RSPCA that dumping pets is illegal.

A person holding up the box with the rabbit in it at the RSPCA offices.
The box was so small that the rabbit could barely move. Source: RSPCA WA

While he’s now receiving treatment, the RSPCA’s inspector manager has warned dumping animals is never acceptable, and they can easily be surrendered to the charity without judgment.

“We understand life can throw people curveballs and that situations change which may mean you feel you have no choice but to surrender a pet,” Kylie Green said. “However, there is no need to subject an animal to needless suffering by dumping them.”

Anyone with a pet they can no longer care for is urged to contact the RSPCA for assistance. If you are aware of an animal that's being subject to cruelty, you're urged to contact the charity on 1300 278 358.

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