Groomer fined $7,500 after dog’s cruel ordeal caught on camera

The woman may have thought no one was watching as she slapped and threw the dog but the ordeal was captured by CCTV.

A suburban dog groomer has been ordered to pay $7,500 after she was caught slapping and throwing a little white dog as she attempted to wash and shave it.

CCTV shows the dog appearing to bark and struggle as the 31-year-old woman tries to keep it still on a table. She then takes the Maltese x Shih Tzu into another room and throws it.

When Luffy was collected by his owner, she reported the dog was shaky on his feet and there was blood around his eye — this was later documented by a vet and reported to the RSPCA.

A red circle highlights a dog groomer holding a small white dog by the neck. The footage is from CCTV
A woman was caught slapping a dog at a Perth dog grooming salon. Source: RSPCA Western Australia

RSPCA Western Australia labelled the conduct of the dog groomer in Perth’s south as “a breach of trust”, and took the matter to court. The offender was convicted under the state’s animal welfare act and found to have been cruel to the dog and to have caused unnecessary harm.

The charity’s inspector manager Kylie Green said pet owners expect groomers to act professionally and with kindness, but Luffy was clearly “terrified” during his treatment.

“Trained groomers should always use the correct equipment and approved grooming techniques to keep themselves and the dog safe,” she said. “A groomer of the offender’s experience should know to stop a difficult appointment. There is no excuse to lash out and hurt a defenceless animal.”

The maximum penalty for animal cruelty is $50,000 and five years in prison, but in this case the offender was given a spent conviction, fined $2,500 and ordered to pay $5,000 in costs. She is no longer employed at the business where the dog was mistreated.

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