Firefighters required to rescue puppy with head stuck in popular Bunnings item

Ace the husky puppy had to be cut out with hydraulic cutting tools after finding himself in a predicament on Saturday night.

Images of the husky puppy with his head stuck in the Acapulco replica chair
This husky puppy had to be cut free from the hole in the chair by firefighters. Source: FRNSW

At least one person you know probably has a replica Acapulco design chair. The popular furniture design boasts tightly woven strands of plastic around an egg-shaped metal frame with a small hole at the bottom, often hidden by a cushion.

Unfortunately for one 14-week-old puppy called Ace, the trendy chair ended up being more than just a fashion statement after he got his head caught in that very hole.

The husky pup found himself "entangled" in the chair’s metal spokes on the weekend, according to Fire and Rescue NSW, with emergency crews called to the home in in Queanbeyan, near Canberra, in response to the Saturday night mishap.

It was not an easy removal, with the Queanbeyan fire crew requiring "hydraulic cutting tools" to carefully cut each woven piece of metal and plastic to get Ace free from the chair.

"Still curious, the puppy was quick to assess the crew’s rescue equipment [afterwards]," FRNSW shared on Monday, alongside footage of the seemingly unharmed pup happily lapping up pats and cuddles from the fire crew following his release.

The chairs are an increasingly common site in Aussie backyards and sold at multiple retailers, including Bunnings Warehouse. Retailing for just $39, the chairs – which look identical to the one the young husky got stuck in – have racked up nearly 100 reviews on the Bunnings online store.

Puppies known for getting heads stuck in strange places

Last year, a cheeky puppy required not one, but two specialised rescue teams to free her from a large cable spool after her head got stuck inside the middle hole. The young puppy named Mia had Fire and Rescue officers and the local volunteer rescue association working for over an hour to cut her free.

"She was so grateful, her tail was wagging and licking our hands," a member of the rescue squad said. "We got lots of cuddles too... it was worth it."

The dog got itself stuck inside a large cable spool on Saturday. Source: Supplied
The dog got itself stuck inside a large cable spool on Saturday. Source: Supplied

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