TikToker reveals ‘scary’ default feature in the iPhone photos app: ‘Be careful when you’re sending [them]’

A TikToker is going viral after showing how iPhones share photo location information.

The clip, which revealed a default setting that many viewers seemed unaware of, comes from a user named @srh0e. Many users thought the feature was an invasion of privacy, and some called it “scary.”

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“I’m gonna show you why you need to be careful when you’re sending a picture or a video to someone,” @srh0e says at the start of his clip.

The TikToker goes on to show how you can view a person’s exact location just from a photo they sent you. All you have to do is save the image, click it and swipe up.

In his clip, @srh0e uses a photo of his current dog as an example. He says when he showed the feature to the woman he bought his dog from, she was “blown away.” He was quick to add that his example is not showing her current, actual location. However, the concern rings true.

TikTokers were concerned to learn about the setting, which also shows information about the photo taker’s phone.

“This should not be a feature at all!!!” one user wrote. “The amount of kids that have phones out there and the phone manufacturers think this is a good thing??”

“Why is that the default?” another asked.

Fortunately, @srh0e also showed how to disable the feature. Here’s how to do it.

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How to disable your iPhone’s photo location information settings

First, go to your phone’s settings. Then scroll to “Privacy.” Once there click on “Camera.”

Then, under the section for “Allow Location Access,” change the setting to “Never.” This will stop your phone from sharing any location information within photos you take.

Additionally, you can turn off location info for specific images. To do that, open the Photos app and click on the image you want to adjust. Swipe up, then hit “Adjust,” which is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the map showing the image location.

That will take you to a page to edit the location. You can either add a false location or simply hit “No Location.”

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