Chaotic scenes as Tiktoker catches red-bellied black snake in her home

A TikTok user has shared the heart-stopping moment she walked into her living room to find a red-bellied black snake had arrived home before she did.

User Sarah Kirkman filmed her living room in disarray, with plants knocked over and items on the floor.

However, it wasn't the work of an attempted burglary, Ms Kirkman revealing the culprit behind the mess a few seconds into her TikTok — a red-bellied black snake.

Sarah Kirkman shared a video of the snake in her living room to TikTok. Source: TikTok
Sarah Kirkman shared a video of the snake in her living room to TikTok. Source: TikTok

"Came home to find all this mysterious mess on the floor," Ms Kirkman says in her first TikTok, showing her living room.

"If anyone can tell me what they see in the picture that is strange... I'll give you five seconds."

Ms Kirkman then zooms in to reveal a snake sitting along the window sill with its head resting on the top of the TV.

"Just love being an Aussie," she joked, panning along the snake's body.

The fourth snake this month

In a second video, Ms Kirkman showed herself capturing the snake, explaining that she'd tried calling snake catcher in the area with no success.

"Before anyone says 'call a professional' I did, he was away," she wrote.

"I couldn't get hold of anyone else for help and I have two dogs so he needed to be safe."

According to the caption on the videos, the red-bellied guest is not the first to grace her home.

"It's official, I have a snake plague," Ms Kirkman wrote. "4th red belly in my house this month."

"Just two days ago I walked into my laundry and heard a loud hissing sound, looked down and found another red belly at my feet," she added in a comment.

Red-bellied snakes are found all along the east coast of Australia, and northern parts of Victoria and on average are between 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres long.

Although their bites are venomous, they are rarely life-threatening with little venom injected when it bites.

Anyone who finds a snake should leave it alone, keep calm and move away from the area and call a professional to help move it.

If someone is bitten they should call triple-0 immediately.

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