TikToker slammed over Woolworths toilet paper stunt

A TikTok user has gone viral after filming herself in a shocking toilet paper stunt at a Sydney Woolworths as panic buying continues amid a surging Covid outbreak.

The viral video, uploaded on Monday, shows the young woman standing at the back aisle of a Woolworths store surrounded by empty shelves.

In the centre of the aisle sits a stacked pallet of toilet tissue, an item in particularly high demand following recent lockdown announcements around the country.

The aisle’s shelves have been stripped bare of essential items including toilet paper, amidst panic buying chaos.

The woman runs and jumps on top of the stacked pallet, causing packs of the popular item to squash and fall to the floor.

A female TikToker has been slammed over a 'stupid' toilet paper stunt in a Sydney Woolworths. Source: TikTok
A female TikToker has been slammed over a 'stupid' toilet paper stunt in a Sydney Woolworths. Source: TikTok

The nine second video, then shows the woman raising her hands, cheering and celebrating with two female friends in the store.

The TikTok currently has more than 167,800 views, over 3400 likes, and 124 shares.

Many of the 154 comments are slamming the woman for her actions amidst panic buying shortages.

"You just jumped on Sydney’s most wanted product at the moment," commented one TikTok user.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," commented another user.

"Enjoy your 10 minutes of fame," wrote a third, while another labelled the stunt as an act of "stupidity".

Supermarkets continue to come under fire online during the most recent Covid lockdowns, with Woolworths and competitor Coles announcing toilet paper purchase limits in response to high demand.

Toilet paper prankster shows no remorse for actions

The Sydney TikToker responsible for the stunt has been defending herself online, following widespread criticism.

The woman has responded to backlash with sarcasm and laughing emojis via comments on her TikTok video and on her Instagram.

A shopper is seen in the toilet paper aisle at Woolworths.
Woolworths has been forced to introduce purchasing limits as people continue to panic buy. Source: AAP

"Thanks for squishing the only toilet paper left in the country," commented one person.

"You’re welcome," she responded.

"The stupidity in this video is truly strong," commented one user.

"It’s pretty stupid aye hahah thx," she responded.

"Destroying someone’s property ain’t funny," commented another user.

"If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t comment. Simple.” the poster responded.

The woman has also taken to her public Instagram story to slam media coverage of the video.

Woolworths responds to toilet paper incident

A Woolworths spokesperson has issued a statement to Yahoo News Australia regarding the video.

"We’ve been made aware of a video on social media which appears to be in one of our stores," the spokesperson said.

"We’re currently looking into the circumstances surrounding it."

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