TikTok trend explained: The woman was too stunned to speak

Have you ever been lost for words? If so, a soundbite to help you out is taking over TikTok.

A clip which was taken from a 1998 episode of Crimewatch — the longest-running English docuseries in Singapore — has captured the attention of the online platform, or at least one clip in particular has.

The clip itself is of a voiceover saying: "The woman was too stunned to speak," with a sinister-sounding organ in the background, adding to the drama of the clip.

Find out why TikTokers are 'too stunned to speak' at the moment. Source: TikTok
Find out why TikTokers are 'too stunned to speak' at the moment. Source: TikTok

What is the actual trend?

TikTokers have taken the clip and are using it to describe moments where they themselves were "too stunned to speak."

They write the thing they are "stunned" about on the video of them reacting to anything from relationship problems to food choices, looking at the camera and reacting.

Where does the trend come from?

TikTok user Dominikxcx was the first to find the original footage and posted it on November 1, showing the woman looking well, stunned, in various camera angles to show her distress.

The series it was taken from has been running since 1986, but the 1998 soundbite is the one that has captivated users, spurring a series of videos.

What are the most popular videos?

The trend is still fairly new but already has 45,000 videos using the soundbite.

The original video has over 2.4 million views since it was posted on November 1, with the views steadily growing and almost 467,000 likes.

Why is the trend so popular?

The soundbite is still in the initial stages of popularity on the video-sharing platform, so could very well evolve into something else.

But users are loving the short soundbite and applying it to a number of different scenarios.

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