TikTok trend explained: The difference between me and you

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Leave it to TikTok to find an obscure line from an episode of a TV show that aired almost a decade ago and turn it into a well-known soundbite.

A clip from the long-running UK TV series EastEnders is doing the rounds, being used by users to illustrate a key difference between themselves and another person.

Stills from EastEnders-inspired TikToks. Source: TikTok
The 2012 episode of EastEnders has been amusing TikTokers. Source: TikTok

What is the actual trend?

TikTokers use the soundbite, writing their "difference" on the video as they mouth along.

The kick-off of the viral soundbite can be traced back to user Loosepete, who uploaded the video in July with text overlaying the video reading: "Me to my broke GTA (Grand Theft Auto) friend who missed the dupe glitch."

"We are making money and you’re sleeping. Jump on the glitch before the patch," the caption on the video reads, commenting on people using GTA cheat codes.

In the clip — which has over 96 million likes — he half-mouths the audio while showing off a stack of cash to illustrate his point.

Where does the soundbite come from?

The soundbite was taken from the long-running UK TV series EastEnders from a 2012 episode.

In the clip, Michael Moon confronts Syed Masood over a deal that ends badly.

In the scene, Michael rips up a cheque, telling Syed: "That's the difference between me and you".

"'Cause while you were sitting around, waiting, doing nish, I was out, making moves."

What does the trend involve?

Users are mainly using the trend to demonstrate something that sets them and someone they know apart in a particular (and often quite niche) situation.

As more and more people have used the soundbite. the movements have become more exaggerated and dramatic, with users explaining anything from friends getting their license before them or getting their first job when they have been working for years.

Basically, it is used to illustrate a time when the user was working hard to achieve something while the person they are talking about didn't do anything.

Biggest videos in the trend so far

There are over 17,000 videos that are tagged using the soundbite, with the more popular ones with more than a million likes.

So give it a go! It's a sassy (slightly passive-aggressive) way to let someone know they need to lift their game.

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