TikTok trend explained: Someone's watching

With Halloween just around the corner, leave it to TikTok to come up with the perfect spooky trend.

DJ and Music Producer Ian Asher has taken it upon himself to mash up Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me, with other songs, most notably, Michael Jackson's Thriller and Goyte's Somebody That I used to Know.

The catchy mashups have prompted TikTokers to take it upon themselves to reveal the times they've felt like someone may have been watching them — or come up with sinister mini horror films of their own.

Stills from spooky TikTok videos. Source: TikTok
The spooky mashup arrived just in time for Halloween. Source: TikTok

What is the actual trend?

The majority of the videos use Rockwell and Gotye's mashup, writing in a text over the clip a 'spooky' time they feel someone's been watching them maybe a little too closely (or stalking) without them realising.

Some users have gotten quite theatrical and elaborate with their videos, making mini-movies of them either being stalked or a narrative where they are stalking someone, complete with fake surveillance footage.

Some people have taken the sound to retell a time when they have actually felt like someone was spying on them, or to make fun of a time when they were caught out doing something they probably shouldn't have been doing.

Most popular videos so far?

The videos with the most views have a little extra flair to them and a bit more of a storyline than some viral TikTok videos.

As it is a Halloween trend, it's no surprise the ones with a couple of million views are mini horror films in themselves!

Currently, there are almost 160,000 videos that use the sound.

Ian Asher's original mashup has over two million likes since it was posted at the beginning of October.

Why is it so popular?

It's a way to flex a creative muscle and make a spooky tale up all with a catchy mashup of two incredibly popular songs.

Give it a go — if you dare!

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