TikTok trend explained: Different kind of simp

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Ah TikTok, the platform of funny videos, important information and new slang.

You may have seen the word "simp" come up on social media and wondered what it means.

Although its meaning has shifted and changed as memes and trends evolve, at the moment it more or less means someone that tries too hard to impress a person they like they like, often acting in a desperate way.

TikTok are now using it to describe their relationship woes along with a catchy 2008 song by Adele.

Screenshot of videos in the trend. Source: TikTok
Adele's song from 2008 has spurred TikTok's latest trend. Source: TikTok

What is the actual trend?

The trend uses Adele's soulful 2008 song Chasing Pavements, getting to the emotional side of the platform.

Most of the videos use the part of the chorus where Adele sings: "Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?", with TikTokers singing along or acting out the scenario they've written in the video.

Adele is well-known for her songs about heartbreak, making it the perfect soundtrack for an emotional TikTok.

What does the trend involve?

Users will write something about their crush, or describe their current romantic status with the chorus of Chasing Pavements playing in the background.

The audio used is labelled, "a different kind of simp", with users detailing the ways they have been a simp in the past.

TikTokers will usually write something like: "When no boy has ever made you feel like the boys in the book make you feel" or "When his name isn't enough to find him on Instagram".

Biggest videos of the trend so far

Why is the trend so popular?

Like many TikTok trends, something relatable and easy to follow.

It's also an easy way for people to make fun of themselves or common TikTok tropes. 

The trend also seems to appeal to universal feelings many people experience while pursuing a relationship.

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