Threatening letter distributed to 'rich' Australians: 'You're too wealthy'

'You’re too wealthy, and it’s harming a lot of people,' read the letter dropped into the letterboxes of an affluent suburb.

Residents of a wealthy Melbourne suburb have spoken out after discovering a threatening note in their letterbox ordering them to “give away the assets” they don’t need to “people who do”.

The letter, the front of which reads, ‘You are too rich — A letter from your concerned friends’, has reportedly been popping up at homes across Toorak for the past week.

The back of the note hits out at those who call the ritzy neighbourhood home, blaming residents for Australia’s rental crisis and cost of living pressures.

The letter telling residents they are 'too wealthy' and it's 'harming people'.
The note has reportedly been popping up in letterboxes across Toorak for the past week. Source: Twitter

“You’re too wealthy, and it’s harming a lot of people,” it reads, according to a photo posted on Twitter. “Millions of people are struggling to pay their rents, mortgages, energy bills, and to afford healthy food. They don’t have enough because you and others like you have too much.”

The anonymous author warns of “unrest and violence” that will “endanger every one of us” if wealth inequality continues.

“As someone who’s causing inequality, you have the means and the responsibility to fix it,” the letter says. “You can do this by giving away a substantial portion of your wealth. This isn’t just the ethical thing to do; it’ll help steer our society towards harmony and away from chaos.”

Gold plated mail slot.
Anna, a local, told the Herald Sun the note, which she received on Thursday, was 'designed to make us feel really guilty'. Source: Getty

Residents ordered to follow three steps

To “keep us all safe”, the “concerned friends” order the residents to follow three steps:

  • Give any investment properties they own to the people currently renting them.

  • Give any holiday houses you own to long-term renters.

  • Give away an extra car if there are more vehicles per licensed driver.

“Don’t worry. You’ll still be able to live a comfortable life with a lot less than you have at present,” the note assures.

The letter's list of three orders for the wealthy residents.
The 'concerned friends' ordered the residents to give away their investment properties, holiday homes and cars. Source: Twitter

'Designed to make us feel really guilty'

Anna, a local, told the Herald Sun she was ”bemused” when she received the letter, which she said was “designed to make us feel really guilty”. “We pay our taxes and give to charities, that’s how the system works,” she said. “This is not communist China, it’s Australia.”

Toorak’s median weekly household income is $2,533, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, much higher than the Australia-wide average of $1,746.

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