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This week on Sunday Night:


No doubt about it, cats really do make us laugh out loud. But if you thought those cute and hilarious YouTube videos were just a passing fad, you’d be wrong. Cats rule the internet and some felines – and their lucky owners – are making an absolute fortune from their fame. It’s now a multi-million industry and this week on Sunday Night, you’ll meet the families behind some of the world’s biggest feline stars and learn the secrets to their success.


They’re the ordinary Australians with an extraordinary skill. The one percent with a real human superpower – they never forget a face. They’re called ‘super recognisers’; all they need is one glimpse of a person and they will remember that face forever. It’s the perfect tool for catching criminals, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Now the hunt is on to find Australia’s top super recognisers. Maybe it’s you? We’ll show you how to put your own skills to the test.


He was the ultimate muscleman – with charisma to match. Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired a generation of body builders before he conquered Hollywood. Now he's got a whole new legion of followers – women who have discovered the joys of pumping iron. And there’s none more dedicated than mother-of-four, Sophie Guidolin. As Denham Hitchcock reports, Sophie never dreamed that one day she'd be out there, on centre stage, strutting her stuff alongside the tanned, taut and terrific.


For nearly three minutes, Luke Aikins had no idea whether he would live or die. One of the world’s best skydivers, Luke was attempting to create history by jumping out of a plane without a parachute, without a wing suit, with nothing at all. His target was a net far, far below. Crazy? Impossible? Well not for this thrill-seeking dad who lived to tell the tale of how he did it and why.

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