'They said we are your worst nightmare': Hoons attack residents with rocks after dispute

Cameron Baud and Melissa Hills

FIRST ON 7: Frustrated residents in Melbourne's western suburbs are taking the law into their own hands to get hoons off their streets.

The community at Point Cook has blamed 'chronic under-policing' for the problem.

One of the hoons coward-punched the resident who threw the basketball at the car.

On Monday night one local man threw a basketball at a hoon's car because it was keeping the neighbourhood awake.

The hoon sped off but two men from a car behind it got out and started attacking the man, with the main aggressor throwing a coward’s punch.

Ralph was one of the residents involved in the fight and who helped break it up on his doorstep.

"I was in the shower and I heard my wife screaming and our boy was outside filming it trying to get the registrations so we could give them to the council for the hoon laws."

"One of the residents threw a basketball at the vehicle, I was actually in the house not knowing what was going on, I could hear a lot of screeching and hooning and I wondered what was going on.

"My wife was screaming and she said 'quick, quick, there's a fight out there, come and help'.

"So I quickly put on my tracksuit bottoms and I see this guy getting bashed, one of the residents, I grabbed an iron bar, I said I know who you are and I know where you live.

"He had an Irish accent, we got the guy who was getting beaten up.

"I broke up the fight, we called triple zero and they said we should get a car out."

Ralph told Sunrise the area has doubled in three years and the police are just 'not keeping up'.

He said he managed to fight back to stop the attacker in his tracks, but not before there were threats made to return and demolish his house.

“The guys said we’ll be back. We are your worst nightmare,” Ralph said.

To the horror of witnesses, rocks were used as weapons by both men.

The men who attacked the resident had been driving a grey Ford Ranger and the car doing the burnouts was a Toyota Sprinter.