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Travellers seek the familiar
Italy topped the list as the most aspirational new holiday destination / Picture: The West Australian

Travel can be exciting, of course, but sometimes familiarity is rather nice and comfortable.

In fact, many travellers prefer it, when it comes to holiday time.

And research by online flight booker Cheapflights has revealed that nearly 83 per cent of those surveyed are likely to holiday at the same destination more than once.

Knowing they'll get value, safety, ease of getting around, the expectation of good weather and visiting family are among the top reasons for returning to the same destination.

The survey revealed that:

Just over 40 per cent of the 1049 travellers surveyed said they'd do the same Australian holiday again.

Fifty per cent of repeat travellers fly the same airline as they always have.

One quarter stay in the same hotel or resort - with close to 10 per cent actually staying in the same room.

At a familiar destination, nearly 40 per cent dine at the same restaurant and more than 20 per cent eat the same meal as their previous holiday.

More than 36 per cent visit the same tourist attractions.

A spokesperson for says: "Europe was the most popular international destination for a repeat holiday while Italy topped the list as the most aspirational holiday in a new destination.

"So what gets people out of their holiday rut and prompts them to stop visiting a destination? Cost of visiting was the top answer, notwithstanding that the second most popular ranked answer amongst holidaymakers was that nothing will ever stop them from revisiting their favourite holiday spot."

Psychologist Dr Jane McCartney says: "Most of us are creatures of habit so it is not unnatural for us to want to know what we are doing, when we are doing it and with whom." People who plan and have a clear structure have reduced stress, less uncertainty and lower levels of anxiety.

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