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Legal ‘high’: Kronic is the synthetic marijuana substitute available for legitimate sale in Geraldton.
Legal ‘high’: Kronic is the synthetic marijuana substitute available for legitimate sale in Geraldton.

Kronic is a synthetic substitute for marijuana that can be bought over the counter and gives the user similar effects to cannabis, but with one key difference — it’s legal.

Recent media attention surrounding its use by mine workers has set off alarm bells for WA police and politicians.

The truth about these “herbal highs” is that they are a carcinogenic psychoactive chemical product with the same dependant and psychological properties as marijuana.

Geraldton Police District Superintendent Ross Tomasini said there was a danger associated with synthetic cannabinoids and side effects such as convulsions, agitation, anxiety, elevated heart levels, vomiting and disorientation were a great cause for concern.

“What we are talking about here is a very dangerous drug,” he said.

“It’s such a dangerous drug that countries all through Europe and North America have banned it.

They have made it illegal to sell it, to possess it and to use it,” he said.

“It’s seems obvious to me that we need some sort of legislation to stop its import and to stop its sale and by doing that we stop the use.”

The Guardian was told that parents have bought Kronic for their teenage children rather than have them go to open houses around town and deal with a criminal element and the threat of police prosecution.

Opposition Police Minister Margaret Quirk was in Geraldton last week and was shocked to hear parents were allowing their children to smoke what could be a poison.

“They may well be committing an offence, not a drug offence but in terms of endangering the well-being of their children,” she said.

Superintendent Tomasini agreed.

He said it was incredibly “irresponsible and reckless”.

“It’s sending every bad messagea parent could possibly send to their children,” he said.

“I just cannot fathom that a parent or responsible person would do that for another. You are condemning them to some potentially fatal health issues.”


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