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Out-of-control parties organised on facebook will face the wrath of Geraldton police this weekend.

Police say they will show no tolerance to the parties which involve hundreds of under-age drinkers.

Dangerous mix: A large crowd of youths gather for an alcohol and drug-fuelled street party at Drummond Cove last week.

The warning comes as another mass gathering of teens is expected tonight.

The Guardian was yesterday alerted to a party gathering numbers on facebook.

Last Friday police were called to Drummond Cove to break up an out-of-control party where about 100 teenagers hit the streets, fuelled by alcohol and cannabis.

Residents said intoxicated youths smashed bottles, tore down a sign and cut up one householder’s garden hose for a smoking utensil, in wild scenes that continued until 1.30am.

A picture of the event, uploaded onto facebook this week, shows a youth drinking among a large crowd of partygoers behind the Drummond Cove Hall.

Geraldton police Sgt Mark Adams said parents needed to be aware of where their children were at all times and to make sure they were not drinking alcohol.

Drummond Cove residents said some of the teens drinking at last weekend’s gathering were as young as 13 years old, with alcohol supplied by adults.

Sgt Adams said children drinking at such a young age were a major concern to police.

“Any 14 or 15-year-old who is drinking is a concern. Their bodies are not capable of absorbing alcohol.

"If they are intoxicated they could commit other offences.

“If there’s any media such as facebook promoting that, then that doesn’t help either.”

Sgt Adams said police would take measures to stop a repeat of last weekend’s activities at Drummond Cove Hall.

“We can’t stop parties going ahead, but we can ensure the organiser is doing the right thing,” he said.

“If it does get out of control then we can take steps to stop it.”


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