The wild inner-west: Water buffaloes on the loose in Newtown

Sydney residents were shocked to see two water buffaloes darting in and out of traffic in the city's inner-west this morning.

The animals had escaped from a film set at Sydney Park, and were snapped running red lights and wandering down the centre of Newtown's trendy King Street.

Firefighters said they are surprised no one was hurt or property was damaged during the more than two kilometre-long escapade.

Emergency crews managed to corner the beasts, and use ladders and equipment to coax them into a makeshift pen on Carrillion Avenue.

Newtown Fire Station Commander, Brad Black, told 7News he had seen a lot of strange things in Newtown before, but never water buffalo.

Wild selfie: Newtown resident Talitha Salier was trapped inside her apartment as police and firefighters struggled to capture the animals. Photos: Talitha Salier

He first spotted the mischievous pair while he was driving back from a job and saw them skidding around the corner.

"It took a couple of seconds to realise what was going on, we thought we better see if they need some help, so we followed them [and] corralled them to bring them in," Black said.

"All the boys thought they were dreaming at the start, we thought is this real?"

It's believed a Korean crew was filming a Samsung commercial when the animals stormed off set around 10am.

Photo: Damien Smith/7News